The first statement most people make when they pick up calls coming from an unknown number is “Who am I speaking with?” It is quite a natural for you to want to know who is at the other end of the line. This has led many people to trace a phone number at some point in their lives. It will make you feel comfortable to know who you are talking to.

Traditionally, to know the owner of an unknown number who have just called you, all you have to do is to call the phone company and ask for the details of the owner of the number and you will be supplied in no time. This was easy because landline was in vogue then and most of these numbers are published in a public directory so there is easy access to this information. This makes reverse telephone lookup relative easy to perform.

With change in technology and the advent of mobile phones, privacy has gone up a notch and cell phone numbers are not publicly listed therefore is very hard to trace a cell phone number without the necessary that can make it easy. Also, unlike with landline numbers, telephone companies are not giving out information on cell phone numbers. The only way you can get details on the owner of cell phone numbers is to use some online tools.

There are two very common methods used:

  1. 1. Free reverse phone lookup sites and search engines: The free reverse phone lookup is a useful online tool that can give you the details you need on any landline and any other publicly listed phone such as business lines. You can only get little or no information on unlisted cell phone numbers because they do not have the needed capacity to gather data on these numbers regularly. Search engines will only provide you with details on numbers that are listed online.
  2. 2. Paid lookup sites:These sites usually require a small fee of about $15 per search to have access to their large database in order to do a reverse telephone lookup. Using this service will give you more than the name of the owner of the unknown cell phone number, you will be provided with the home and office address, other phone numbers, email address, criminal records, family records etc.

Weighing the two above methods against each other will show the paid lookup sites are better for reverse telephone lookup. If you are only looking for a few details on an unknown number then you can use the free lookup service but for comprehensive information on the owner of a cell phone number e.g. a prank caller, then the paid lookup sites is recommended.


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